Wandering around Corfe Castle and Swanage

Corfe Castle

From Salisbury (see previous blog here) we moved to Corfe Castle – a place we’ve been to before and enjoyed.  The village is pleasant however the castle itself is a stunning relic set in a gap in the ridge making for an obvious place to fortify.  Photographically speaking it is best in early or late light however I thought these storm clouds added something of an atmosphere to the scene (my previous blog on the Corfe area is here).

We only stayed three night this time however the weather was lovely and we set off on one of the days to walk the ridge down to the coast from Corfe.  The ridge runs from the castle down to the coast effectively at Old Harry Rocks however the final part of the ridge we walked when we stayed here before so we dropped off the ridge and aimed for Swanage walking along the seafront to get there.  The left hand photograph above was taken looking back at the castle as we gained height climbing the ridge, the right hand image was taken looking towards Swanage as we left the ridge.  While it was a lovely day we had started the walk quite early and didn’t see another person until we started coming off the ridge again – lovely.

We headed back to Swanage the next day – again enjoying very good weather and headed west along the coast and South West Coast Path. Swanage itself is fairly busy and a popular resort however, as is often the case, walking a fairly short distance gets you away from the crowds and along a lovely stretch of the coast.  Albeit distant the left hand photograph shows (just) the Isle of Wight fairly clearly while the other image looks east along the coat to Old Harry Rocks.  The Needles on the Isle of Wight and Old Harry Rocks are both limestone and would have been connected many many years ago.

Reaching Durlston Park you get to see the globe which is there.  The setting is great and on a good day it is a lovely spot to stop a while.  The simplicity of the stone globe was very appealing and the views were great.  We walked on along the coast for quite a way and eventually decided it was time to head back towards Swanage again before going back to Corfe Castle.

It is always nice to return a different way so we walked back a little inland and again passed through Durlston Park. The habitat there is interesting and the area we walked through when I took the photographs above was meadow set on chalk effectively. Once again we saw no people but the flowers and wildlife were ample compensation.