Around Padstow

We had an opportunity for a short break and decided it had been a while since we had visited Cornwall.  We stayed near Padstow for just three nights and all of the images here have been taken with maybe three miles of Padstow which is on the north Cornish coast.  It is actually a very sheltered spot compared to some of the north coast of Cornwall as it is just inside the Camel estuary.  The weather wasn’t wonderful while we were there although we did have some sunshine.  The above two photos are of the Camel estuary taken close to Padstow.  The left hand image looks up the estuary inland and the right hand image, with a little sunshine, looks towards the mouth of the estuary.

Evening light on the harbour at Padstow

The town does tend to be quite busy in the daytime and the narrow streets can feel quite crowded however the advantage of staying nearby means you can wander around when most folk have left after their day out. The shot above is the harbour at Padstow with some lovely evening sunlight.

I guess the images above emphasise that the weather was not all that good some of the time. Both are taken on the same day and are attempts at finding something more interesting than the overall grey we had that day.  When the sun came out it was great but otherwise it did tend to be rather grey and I do enjoy trying to bring out such effects in photographs sometimes.

Simply sand
Walking across the sands at low tide towards the sea there are a number of places where small streams flow across the sand and into the estuary. Paddling across one of them I looked down and saw these lovely pattern in the water and sand. It was too good not to take photos of though my feet almost got wet.

Again in the Camel estuary, the conventional image is on the left and is a view looking out from the estuary towards the sea. At the time the weather was fine although it changed about an hour later and we walked with waterproofs on for a couple of hours.  It was a good walk though out to the open sea and back again.  When we got back I got the right hand image.  This is actually one of my favourites of this trip – I love the weather contrast that are show.  Sunlight on the exposed bar just outside Padstow harbour and some very wet weather just up the Camel estuary and heading our way.  The different weather combinations in view at one time are both interesting and an indication of the quite normal variations in our local climate.

I confess at the time we booked this it had escaped my notice that we would be there on May Day.There are many places who have some form of celebrations on May Day however there is no doubt that the celebrations in Padstow and have a fairly long history.  We spent most of the day in the town enjoying the activities and although it was rather wet early on the weather improved and we enjoyed our day and I would imagine most of the fairly large crowd would have felt the same.