Wandering around Malham area

Walking in to Malham Cove


Climber on the rockface at Malham

I’ve yet to find a National Park or remote, wild area that I do not like however a favourite over the years has been the Yorkshire Dales and particularly the area around Malham. As I wasn’t far away when I was in Lancashire recently a visit seemed like a good idea. The day didn’t start particularly well – rather grey and overcast however we parked outside Malham and walked in and then up to Malham Cove.  This geological feature never ceases to amaze me and we walked in on the path that can be seen ahead of us.  As is usually the case there were a number of climbers on the wall of the Cove.

While Malham Cove itself is remarkable I often wonder why folk don’t go just around the corner from there and take a look into Goredale Scar.  The walk in, while impressive, doesn’t really give much of a clue to what is around the corner and folk going there for the first time are often surprised at the sight that meets them as they come around the corner particularly after periods of heavy rain.  There are multiple falls here (and at least one more – Janet’s Foss – just downstream.

Having spent time looking around that area we headed up to Malham Tarn for a while and then walked back over the limestone moorland toward Malham Cove to arrive at the top of the Cove. If anything the views from above and even more appealing to me than those from lower down and the path that we walked in on that morning is clearly visible. The weather also showed signs of improving a little too.

One of the joys of the Yorkshire Dales generally for me is the areas of limestone pavement and there are some quite large areas just above Malham Cove. Even in the light condition on that day they look interesting to me though they would be better in early or late light to emphasise the contrast a little more.
Going back to Malham Tarn

Heading back up to Malham Tarn I turned back and looked down the now mostly dry valley that the river responsible for the erosion at Malham Cove flowed in a long long time ago. It really is a stunning part of the world to me and I’d like to think I’d get back to that area for a longer visit in the not too distant future.