Looking over Morecambe Bay

This post is really a very belated one however I have had a few issues to deal with over the past couple of months or so. The computer – while not perfect – is better and I have a little time to try and catch up. These images are from a stay on the very edge of Morecambe Bay in early July this year. As I was staying within metres of the sea I walked along the edge with the camera each evening and took rather a lot of images (at least some of the delay was in making my mind up just which images to use in this blog). With the hills of the Lake District as a backdrop and the mudflats of the bay always a little different in the foreground it was one of the most enjoyable photo shoots I’ve had.

It really was so hard to narrow the choice down to this small number however I tried to make the selection as varied as I could.  While they are all special to me the evening when the heron was feeding in the pool was particularly good even if he was reluctant to allow me as close as I would have liked.  The only other one I’ll say anything about is the whimsical one of the stones arrange to make the word.  On quite a number of evening there was a word in this particular spot on the beach which changed from time to time – the one shown above simply amused me.  Hopefully I’ll catch up with a few more outstanding blogs in the next week or so.