On public art

I’ve been away for a while hence the lack of postings and I’m trying to catch up with quite a backlog of images now.  I realised while working my way through them that there were a number of themes in the images I’d taken.  This one was quite easy to deal with and so is the first of the blogs.  I’m not someone who has paid a lot of attention to public art installations generally preferring to find things in the natural environment however, while in Lancashire last year, I saw and was very impressed by The Singing Ringing Tree installation which I blogged here.  It is one of a series of four installations and so returning to the area again I thought I’d track down another one.

This one is called The Atom.  Not for me as interesting as The Singing Ringing Tree however the setting on the edge of the moors is good and if the weather had been better I’d hope to have got some better shots.  I do like it and the idea generally – they are referred to as the Panopticons – I will certainly try and get to another one next time I am in the area.

Alice Nutter - Pendle witch

Staying in the same area of Lancashire for now we were walking in the Pendle Hill area again.  The main reason most people know of Pendle is from the witches trial in 1612.  The image above is the statue of one of the Pendle witches, Alice Nutter.  The problem faced by the women was proving that they were not witches and proving a negative is very difficult.  A few days later we looked around Lancaster Castle where the witches were kept in prisoned – not a cheerful place to be at all and certainly not in 1612.  Again I do like the statue though with the chains and slightly rusted metalwork.

Venus and Cupid

I found this couple very appealing. I love the lines created and the mosaic texture of the statues, known as Venus and Cupid.  Once again the setting, with Morecambe Bay in the background, gives a wonderful feeling of space in which to set the artwork.  The statue is at the northern end of Morecambe and a little out of town.  On a good days the views over to the Lake District are great.

The above two statues are far more in the centre of Morecambe.  The town itself is probably best described as a old fashioned seaside resort that has seen better times.  However there are obviously efforts being made to try and improve/update the image of the town.  The stature of Eric Morecambe probably needs no elaboration for anyone in the UK and it is a well worked image of the entertainer.  The “big bird” is a little different and is one of many bird statues on the jetty area.  I find it more than a little angry looking and I’m not really sure what its connection with Morecambe might be but appealing nonetheless.  Again the views behind are towards the Lake District.


I spotted this rather less formal carving walking the banks of a canal in the Midlands.  Someone has obviously taken advantage of an old tree stump to create this carving of two kingfishers and it really is perfectly appropriate sat on the edge of the canal like that.

So my views on public are are changing and have changed. In the end it is simply a case of whether it does “something” for you. A little like my photographs – they are only interesting to those who find them appealing. All the ones above I like (& I will certainly look for more); if I had to pic a favourite it would be Venus and Cupid because of the lines created by the statue and the setting. More images and themes to come in sure course as I catch up.