Two evening walks in the sunshine

Circumstances have been against getting out in the daytime for the past few weeks however we have managed some evening walks.  While it is good to be out in the day the light in the evenings can be lovely and is probably preferable photographically speaking too.

The images above were taken a couple of weeks ago now.  The evening was lovely however there was a really strong wind blowing and at times it was quite impossible to hold the camera steady.  This walk was on the western edge of the centre of the moors starting quite close to Princetown and walking in the King Tor, Swell Tor area.  The upper left image is of the spare corbels caved for use on London Bridge at the quarry there – remarkable the work that must have gone into them, odd that the remain abandoned there.  The other images are simply views in the evening light which was great.  I’ve walked the moors in the evenings for many years now and there is something special about the quality of the light at that time of day at times.  It has a warmth (although it was not warm on this evening) however it also has a very soft quality to it which I could sit and look at for a long time.


The image above were taken a week ago on a walk in the central part of the moors.  Setting off from Dunabridge Pound we heading east towards Bellever forest and walked roughly north through there.  It is a couple of years since we have walked that way and it is quite surprising how the forestry changes.  Parts that were quite open get some real growth and other areas are cleared – certainly one path we have used before had fairly much disappeared!  The upper right view looks east through the forest showing both colour tone changes and the differing growth of the trees.  I am not really a fan on mono culture forestry but in that evening light it looked ok.  The lower left image – one I really like – looks from Bellever tor north through the gap in the forestry.  Again the quality of the evening light is simply love to me and as a plus on this walk there was no wind and it was quite warm.  An even bigger bonus was that we heard a number of cuckoos and were fortunate enough to see a couple (at Bellever Tor) too.  Hopefully there will be a few more walks like this during the summer.