Walking the coast path on a windy winter’s day

One of the challenges of walking over a winter with weather such as we have had has been to find anywhere where conditions underfoot are not too wet.  In the end I guess it has mostly been impossible but it has led to us walking in some places we might not have otherwise done.  This walk from about three weeks ago is one of them.  We thought that walking the coast path after a particularly bad spell of rain might be drier underfoot than on the moors however we realised quite quickly that we were wrong.  Setting off from close to Noss Mayo were were quickly out on path of the South West Coast Path which was very exposed to the prevailing winds which made the seas fairly dramatic too.

Stormy water on the south Devon coast

We were heading east along the path towards the mouth of the river Erme.  I’d walked part of this route before however I had not walked the whole of the section.  Parts of it have quite good paths – these were very waterlogged and very muddy.  Parts did not have good tracks and they were worse!  However I must walk it again in better weather as the views were great even in these conditions.  The above image looks westwards and gives some idea of the state of the sea.

South Hams coast on a stormy winter's day

The above image looks east and gives a feel of what the day was like.  There was a little sun around from time to time.  However this really only served to emphasise just how bleak the day was at times.  The visibility was not that good however the sharp eyed ones of those reading this might just make out the outline of Burgh Island in the distance of the photograph.

Meadowsfoot beach

Arriving at the mouth of the river Erme and Meadowsfoot Beach we stopped for some lunch.  The scene here was great.  We were around the headland so protected from the worst of the wind and the tide was out so there was a feeling of tranquillity too.  The sun, such as it was, had the watery winter look to it.  We decided that walking back along the stretch we had just covered didn’t interest us much and the low tide allowed us to walk around to where the road reaches the river and we set off back inland heading west to where we left the car.

Just for the chimney
It is so often the unexpected finds that are interesting!  Walking back along the road we noticed the building photographed here. It looked like a lodge house (there are a number of large estates in the area).  However I have never seen a chimney at that angle.  We felt that it had to have been damaged although there was no signs of repairs as far as we could see.

Certainly one of the more unusual architectural features we have seen.  We will try and walk the area again another time in better conditions although we did agree the walk would be memorable for a number of reasons.