Something completely different!

I am a few blogs behind at present partly because the walking has been very wet indeed and partly because I have been trying to get things ready for my next exhibition (details here).  However last weekend I was in the area of the Forest of Dean and went with friends to see a rally there.  It was interesting for me to see and understand the challenges involved in capturing images of fast moving vehicles.  As can be seen above some of the images only just caught a car (indeed some didn’t but they have been deleted!).  I was using the Panasonic Gx1 so I had some issues with just how familiar I was with the some of the controls but as time went by I got better.  Sports photographers of all sorts use rather different settings for their cameras compared to landscape photographers.

The above images showed some improvement as the afternoon went on.  The centre image is rather more “me”.  The red car on such a grey day made for a possible colour pop and came out reasonably well.  A little more information about the rally is here.  It made for an interesting afternoon both from the point of view of the rally as well as the photography experience.  Some of the corners meant cars sliding quite a bit and the muddy pools there often made spectating “interesting”.  I’d certainly go there again – good fun for a muddy grey afternoon in February.


Just before we left one of the friends we were with noticed the scene above and pointed out that it was my kind of image – they were correct!