Three days – three walks

I have not made it out for any decent walks for a while now.  Various issues affected me, however the weather has probably been one of the main ones with the weather being “variable” at best.  Over the course of a week I got out for what were for me short walks on three days and decided to do one blog to cover them.


The first walk was around the Dawlish Warren area and then on to the Exeter Ship Canal.  The walk around the coast was good but I took few images.  On the canal at Turf lock there are a number of boats moored.  The cat was obviously resident on the boat but was not feeling that sociable.  I know there are plenty of cat images around but one more is never a problems is it!


Nothing but rust

Spotting a forecast for an afternoon of possibly reasonable weather, I headed over to Brixham for a walk.  To say that it was cold in the wind would not be an exaggeration however with the sun out it wasn’t too bad.  The breakwater was actually closed due to bad weather however the tide seemed to have gone out since the notice so I avoided seeing it!  I do like this image and the cloud shape adds a dimension which seemed good to me.  There was evidence of a recent and heavy fall of hail based on the mounds that were in the woods and on some of the roads.







Wandering back along the breakwater the seal seen below popped up for just long enough for me to shoot this picture and then dived.  Although I waited a while I didn’t see it come up anywhere near me.  The image of the sea water pool – closed for winter – drew me to it.  It really looked and felt cold with quite a sea running.


Holne moor in winter

And finally.  Dartmoor called.  In this case it was a morning that the forecast was ok for so I was out quite early and back early too.  Just as well as the weather was deteriorating as I headed back.  Holne Moor is a favourite and easy spot for me and I have a number of images of the reservoir in almost every weather condition imaginable.  The late Autumn colours here coupled with the changing weather struck me as saying something about the walk although the day had started out quite fine.  It was cold though nothing like as cold as the day shown here.