Peace and Remembrance 11/11/12

Looking towards the dawn

I heard a programme on the radio recently which made me think a bit.  It was about an organisation which is working for world peace.  I guess it is something we can all say that we want – the puzzle then, if we all want it, is why it stills seems so far from our reach.  In so many parts of the world we continue to sacrifice young people for reasons which are often somewhat less than transparent.

The organisation is called Peace One Day and is supported by many governments and organisations including the UN.  While there are many ongoing trouble spots even in places as troubled as Afghanistan there has been an impact.  We can only hope that if more and more people put greater pressure on their governments and leaders there will come a time when the world has greater peace – do what you can to publicise it.

Spare a moment to think of those who have lost their lives fighting to try and make the world a better place.

As to the pictures – hopefully they tell their own story here, both are favourites of mine.