Some glimpses of Lancashire

I’ve been in Lancashire for a while and, while it was not a holiday as such, I got out and about from time to time and got a few images.

The Singing Ringing Tree

I guess I’ve not looked at many large public works of art in the past or maybe just not looked at them properly.  However this installation on the moors above Burnley is attractive from a number of perspectives and from every angle.  Made up of varying length metal tubes set at different points of the compass it is visually stunning to me both as a result of the engineering and the setting.  Equally when any wind is blowing it creates quite a lot of sound in the same way as blowing across a bottle does but on a far larger scale.  I wandered around it a couple of time and I’ll probably take a look at it again if I am back that way sometime.  A selection of the photographs I took are above.

The weather

Not good sums it up quite well!  I did say to someone that of the three and a half weeks I was up there it rained for four of them!  Obviously not quite true but that was the way it felt.  The above images taken on the River Ribble at Edisford Bridge near Clitheroe were separated by just three days – three days when it rained constantly.  The one below was taken in the same period on the River Calder at Whalley – the flood waters had abated somewhat.

River Calder at Whalley

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is a large whaleback ridge on the edge of the Dales.  Fairly well known for the Witches of Pendle who lived on the edge of it it is actually a lovely piece of open moorland.  I didn’t get to explore it as much as I had hope but again I’ll hope to do better another time.  The above shows Pendle Hill from the singing Ringing Tree and shows its shape well.  The hills showing to the right of it are the Dales in the area of Malham.  Below is the main track to the summit from the western end.  On the subject of witches we did sample Malkin Pie while we were there which is based on a recipe thought to have been consumed by the witches – only available there but well worth trying.

Track on Pendle Hill

 Autumn skies and misty mornings


On one or two days the weather relented and allowed some better photography at interesting times of the day.  The above two images are taken at Clitheroe Castle early in the morning as the mist and dew are starting to burn off.

Misty morning in the graveyard

Another misty morning led me to wander around an old graveyard.  I got a number of worthwhile shots as the light started to come through onto the headstones.

Lancashire sunset

This final image was taken from the northern side of Pendle Hill looking west into the sunset.  as a friend said to us a while ago – Lancashire has big skies at time and this seems to catch that feeling quite well.  Currently it is my desktop wallpaper and a favourite.