Looking for dawn


I seem to have been dogged by bad weather of late and so when I saw a forecast that implied a clear morning after a lot a rain getting up to look for dawn on the coast seemed like an idea.  In practice it rained while I was driving there and when I arrived it was obvious that the cloud bank was going to prevent a view of dawn itself.  However I decided not to waste the opportunity and wandered along the shore.   In the right hand photograph above the sea has an almost glassy look to it.  It is interesting the way that time of day and light appears to change textures.


Walking along the seafront at Paignton I cam across rather a lot of photographers all with cameras on tripods.  Apparently it was a group who were around for the weekend.  I couldn’t resist a shot of a small number of them :).  Walking on I did like the effect of the growing light on the boats in Paignton harbour.


While the cloud bank did disrupt the dawn light it offered some reasonable photographs as time went by.  The colours and structure of the scenes certainly appealed to me.