Heavy rains and high tide

7 July 2012

The UK has had fairly extensive rain for at least a month now (partly explaining the lack of postings here) – starting shortly after drought orders were made…  There have been some floods in some regions, however there was a “red warning” for much of Devon overnight last night and, while the rain was not particularly intensive, it was constant and fell on already sodden ground.  In particular, it was stated on the news this morning that around 2.5 inches (6 cms) of rain had fallen on Dartmoor overnight.  Given that one of the main rivers coming off the moors in the south is the river Dart it seemed worth taking a look at the river.


The above were just a quick collection of shots taken around the time of the high tide which obviously added greatly to the level of the river too.  It might be of interest to compare this with my last shots of the same area in flood in this post.  Hopefully we will get some better weather soon and there will be more opportunities for some photography!