Bigbury and Bantham from a different perspective


A short weekend break at Bigbury on Sea did not provide that much in the way of photographic opportunities however those it did provide were rather interesting.  I’ve visited Bigbury many times over the years but since I’ve had a camera I’ve not managed to catch the sea tractor at work.  When the tide is in Burgh Island is not accessible on foot and so this sea tractor runs across the tidal stretch of sand.  There is an hotel on the island (which is not at the budget end of the market) so this serves their clientèle and there is a small and very old pub there too.

Some surf on Bantham beach

While not in the league of Cornwall maybe the area attracts, and is good for, a lot of surf activities.  The above image was taken earlier one day and the weather at the time did not look good.  I’ve walked Bantham beach in the past and the sand bank there is very big at low tide.  This image shows the surf just covering the sand.  This is not a viewpoint I’ve had before being quite high above the beach and looking over the river Avon from the Bigbury side.

Bigbury beach almost deserted

Heading across Bigbury sands towards Burgh Island on the eastern side of the beach there was a real feeling of emptiness.  However, as the above shows, a rider was enjoying the expanse of empty sands.  At the time the day was very dull indeed with little colour or light.

The very dullness seen in the one with the rider in led me to the two images above and the one below.  I don’t often manipulate images however there are times when it just seems obvious somehow to me and these were crying out to be colour pops.  They were taken within a short time of one another and the distance between them was small.  The sea thrift was on Burgh Island and the island has a lot on at present.  It is a lovely coastal flower bringing a real splash of colour to the edge of the cliff.  The island is small but worth a walk around with breeding colonies of sea birds on the cliffs at the southern end.  The “boat lane” image I spotted while walking out to the island and shot it on the way back across the beach heading for a coffee.  Always a toss up as to what images to use, I took another close to this spot which had the hoof prints of the horse seen above as a feature on the sand but the colour pops won this time. Life saving on Bigbury beachCertainly my favourite colour pop in recent time and taken on the way across the beach to Burgh Island.  The RNLI have people as lifeguards both at Bigbury and Bantham and we should all be grateful for their work.  The boat was a strong orange and I did try the colour pop with that as the focus but for me the yellow worked better.

The above were taken late in the day with evening light starting to offer the lovely depth of colour and shadow which are characteristic of that time of day.  Throw in the tidal situation and the flow of the river Avon and you get the above photographs.  The wider image shows the sands gradually being revealed on Bantham beach and the curve of the estuary of the river Avon.  The more detailed image shows the sand being carried along by the river on the edge of the beach and is one I do really like (currently my wallpaper!).

Heading back in the evening the light all around was lovely.  At the top of the hill outside Bigbury it was possible to look east away from the setting sun and see the moon over the coast in that direction.  Looking west show the setting sun over the coast with those “last light” colours.

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  1. The surf just covering the sand is my favourite photo Nigel, well done on making the effort in getting a different view point.


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