Wandering in evening light


Looking south from Hangershell Rock

It has been a while since I’ve been out and got any photographs that I have really considered worth sharing however last week the weather was good so we headed out for an evening walk on the southern edge of Dartmoor.  Quite often we approach this area of the moors from Western Beacon and the walk in to Hangershell Rock seen above takes a while.  However, approaching from the Ugborough side this time was a little shorter so we decided to make the most of the sun and head a little further north.

Evening sunlight on Spurrell's cross

Dartmoor has many ancient granite crosses and the one above is Spurrell’s Cross.  This is not the only one to have been repaired.  At some time in the past the head of the cross has obviously been broken off and, a little worse for wear, been re-attached.  The shaft of the cross also had to be re-erected.

Evening light across Ugborough moor

Wandering back down the ridge (roughly south) we stopped for a moment to look back northwards.  The low evening light across Ugborough Moor was both gentle and beautiful.  Slightly misty, the varying tones and colours were stunning.

Granite on Ugborough Beacon in the sunlight

Heading back we stopped for a drink on Ugborough Beacon.  In the end it proved hard to leave – watching the last sunlight on the granite there and the effect across both the moorland and fields was almost mesmerising.  The evening was very still and other than the sound of a distant cuckoo we were largely undisturbed.

Last sun on Ugborough Moor

When we finally decided to head back to the car the sun was just about on the horizon and I took the shot above looking back from Ugborough Beacon northwards towards Ugborough Moor.  That warm, gentle, misty light will stay with me for quite a while.  It emphasised the joy of walking in wilder places at this time of day – hopefully there will be more evenings like this