Wandering Charmouth beach

 Looking towards Golden Cap in late evening light

This is really part two of the blog I started here.  While we did walk some coast path, the beach at Charmouth was great to just wander along and relax.  The fact that we were staying very close to it meant we could be there first thing in the morning and last thing at night when few others were around – early or late with few people around is about as good as it gets for me!  The above image taken in the evening light has, for me, that lovely evening quality in the light on the deserted coastline.

In balance


Wandering the beach here there is enough to see and photograph to keep me happy.  There are photos of fossils for example on the previous blog however it is an area where people like to have a go at balancing rocks.  It sounds quite simple though some of the works look quite impossible and, having tried it a few times, it is not all that easy.  The above is not my work but one of the best I saw while there.

Looking east on Charmouth beach

Taken in the afternoon the above image shows that the beach was not that crowded even in the daytime.  This photograph looks east towards Golden Cap (the highest point on the south Coast of England).  The cliffs on the left hand side have been the source of many fossil finds over many years and we found fossils quite easily as we walked the beach.  The people closest to the cliff are mostly looking for fossils.

Misty morning on Charmouth beach

Taken in mid morning the above photograph has been edited to remove almost all the colour from it.  The mistiness that morning meant that, while there was reasonable light there was little colour in the scene anyway and so it seemed to lend itself to this treatment.

While I do love early light I guess my favourite time of day will usually be the half hours before and after sunset.  I took quite a few images similar to the ones above but these are two of my favourites.  It was a great break and we will return here sometime.