Walking the North Devon coast near Westward Ho!

This blog dates from a few weeks back as I have been rather busy with other stuff of late.  We had a brief break on the North Devon coast near Westward Ho! and the weather started off looking quite good.  However the nearer we got to the coast the foggier it became and it stayed like that for most of the three days we were there.  This meant that the photography was not that easy.

Misty coastline

The above photograph is a view into the mist looking towards Clovelly area from around 2/3 miles south of Westward Ho!  Although the visibility was not good I did rather like the combination of mist and sunlight looking along the coast.

One of the days we walked from where we were staying through Westward Ho! and headed on around Northam Burrows towards Appledore.  While looking out for landscape images generally I am often surprised by the other things I see to photograph and the two above are examples of that.  There is a large pebble bank along Northam Burrows where it faces Bideford Bay and the simplicity of the pebbles was striking.  The sign in the other image speaks for itself I think!  There is a golf course on the Burrows but I am not a fan.

Beachcomber art?

Once again on Northam Burrows this piece of driftwood/flotsam “art” really did appeal – someone had taken some time over creating this.

Evening light on sheep and the mist

While not exciting from a photographic perspective we had a good break and enjoyed walking the coast path in the area.  While there was no great clarity when the sun made its presence felt, the combination of mist and light – in this case in the evening – had a tranquillity and calm that I loved