Two consecutive days, very different weather

The weather recently has been very very variable with frequent changes in a single day.  It has been quite frustrating from a photographic perspective.  Every time I’ve gone out I’ve picked the wrong part of the day and/or the wrong place.  However the contrast between the last two days seemed worth blogging.

Teign estuary in sunlight

I was watching forecasts for the opportunity to get out and get some photos walking somewhere.  On Friday the forecast was for sun early in the day on Dartmoor so I was out before 9am walking in the vicinity of Haytor.  The photograph above is taken from Rippon Tor and looks towards the estuary and mouth of the River Teign.  As can be seen there is some sun on the coast but not where I was standing.

I walked down from the tor heading east towards Saddle Tor and Haytor.  It was cold in the wind and there was little sun to be found.  The sun remained towards the coast though rather weakly.  Dartmoor tors have fascinated me for years and Haytor is one of the iconic ones seen by many.  The photograph on the left shows the detail of part of one of the main outcrops.  The image on the right is the view looking north showing the wide variety of weather.  Clouds, rain, sun and a rainbow – a “snapshot” of the weather I had really.

Looking back west towards the car I realised I was going to get wet.  The image on the left is what I saw, I put the camera away then and put the rucksack’s waterproof cover over it.  The rain came moments later and I got quite wet walking back.  There was some sleet too so I guess the temperature was quite low.  Back at the car the rain had stopped however the image on the right shows what was to come.  I’ve removed most of the colour but, frankly, there was much there anyway.  I enjoyed the walk mostly and headed home.

Sulight and the pier

On the next day the forecast was for a good early morning again so I was out walking in the Bay before 9am.  This time I got it right!  The tide was just going out and the exposed sand had had no one on it yet.  Few people around and plenty of sun.  The contrast from the previous day was remarkable.

There was little swell and the canoeist in the left hand image was moving slowly in a calm sea.  The peace and simplicity of the scene at that time of the day was lovely.  Not a long walk but worth doing and, as I headed home, I could see that there was rain on the moors again so there was a sense of satisfaction in having headed in the right direction at the right time.