A different sort of reflection

I’ve been a fan of reflections in images for a long time and so when I read an article recently in Outdoor Photography magazine on a slightly different approach to reflections it caught my eye.  I shamelessly stole this idea from the article written by Tim Mannakee, a professional photographer, who runs photographic courses in many locations from his base in France.


The image above is taken in Totnes on the mill stream which runs into the River Dart.  The effect of the imperfect reflections in water which is not quite still is can be interesting.  I consciously left the bird, a moorhen, in the image as it added to the ripples and gave another dimension.


This image uses the River Dart itself for reflection and I think it works quite well.  The issue is finding a good subject reflected in water that has enough movement but not too much.  It is certainly an approach that I will look at using again when I see any suitable subject and my thanks to Tim for introducing me to this idea.