Around Start Point

Looking towards Start Point from Torcross
I’ve blogged this area before however with photography along the coast it is almost impossible to get the “same” image as you got before – I know I’ve tried – so these are from a recent break there.  The weather was supposed to be improving over a three day period however it didn’t change all that much.  It did varied enough to get some shots that I found quite interesting though so I thought I would share them.

Start Point  
Start Point itself is quite an iconic setting for this part of the South West Coast Path and nearby Slapton Sands with its fresh water pool and pebble bank is also quite well known.  The whole area was used in the Second World War as a training ground for the D Day landings.  Walking towards Start Point recently the day was mostly rather grey.  However, as in the shot above, when grey becomes silver it is a little more interesting.

Looking to Start Point from above BeesandsFrom time to time the cloud base would come down and then it would rise again.  The above image looks towards Start Point from just above Beesands village.

Passing the old village of Hallsands, much of which was swept into the sea in the first half of last century, we cut off to the south west just before we got to Start Point.  We headed back towards Start going around Peartree Point to approach Start from the south.  The above show the contrast in weather either side of the Start Point that day.  To the south it is a fairly clear and quite pleasant day.  To the north there was quite thick mist.

Start Point lighthouse working in fog

As we walked back along the coast the mist became thicker and we could hear the sound of the fog horn from the lighthouse.  Stopping for a break at Beesands I caught an image of the lighthouse at Start Point lit due to the bad weather.  I have seen that before but not managed to get a shot of it.

Although that day was not the best weather wise (though the walk was great) we did see some good weather and there was some great light on the sea at times as can be seen above.


  1. Hi Nigel,
    Wonderful photos, I’ve enjoyed looking at them and recognise many.

    Thanks for visiting my exhibition last week. Yes, I agree that my painting “Spring at Start Point” is taken from an almost identical place.
    Well done and best wishes

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