The nights are starting to draw in

I realise a while has gone by without me blogging anything sadly.  It is not that I have not been taking photographs, more that I have not had the time to blog anything for a variety of reasons.  However I am just closing the current exhibition and hopefully will have a bit more time both for walks and photography now.  The images here are from an evening walk in the last week on the eastern side of Dartmoor across Holne moor – a previous blog in the area is here.

Walking towards the sunset

This track is one we have taken many times over the years and it still gives me pleasure.  It leads to a series of old tin mine workings but the variations on which way to actually go are many and we came off the track at this point and headed for higher ground.

Late light across the moors

The sun was going down (& it still seems too early for that) but there was enough light at the stage to take a picture looking north east more towards the centre of the moors.  There is gorse out at present as well as heather and I’d like to get out to try and catch some shots of the heather before it is over.

Sunset over the moors

I guess there will be less photography from my evening walks now as even in the fairly early evening the light is getting quite poor for photography and maybe not so good for walking either though it usually does not stop us.  However the effects of the last light on the clouds is lovely.

Moon over Dartmoor

I usually realise that I should have taken a tripod after I needed it and this was no exception.  In the end I am unlikely to roam far on the moors carrying a tripod I think but this wonderful moon deserved a better shot that I was able to get hand held.  That said I think it catches the mood quite nicely.  It was stunning and with us for at least the last third of our walk back to the car.