1 day – 3 quite different photos

As Lightroom organises images by date by default looking back on some taken at different times on one day I realised that while there was no “story” some of the photographs appealed to me and I thought I might share them.

On Brixham breakwater

Firstly I spent the middle part of the day in Brixham.  The tide was out and there was building work going on around the harbour with scaffold and sheeting covering a building which seemed to intrude on any shot.  However walking the breakwater I liked the feeling of isolation around these fishing rods.  The fisherman was nowhere to be seen which added to the effect.

Stepping stones acros the river Dart

In the evening I drove up to Dartmoor for a walk.  A little unusually for us we headed into the valley of the West Dart at one stage rather than walking the open moors.  These granite stepping stones across the Dart caught my eye and I took a few shots here.  The water was low so walking across them was very easy but I have seen the river when you cannot see the stones at all.  We stayed there for a drink and watched deer on the edge of the hillside however they were too far away for any meaningful photos .  A green woodpecker flew by but too quickly to get a shot of.

Dartmoor gate

Almost back at the car we passed this gate.  I like the strangeness of a gate with no fence or wall around.  On the far hillside are the lines of old leats as the area has been extensively worked by tin miners in the past.  The late light on the moorland was lovely.