A dry year so far on Dartmoor

Low water in the Avon reservoir May 2011

Wandering out for an evening walk we headed over towards the Avon reservoir on southern Dartmoor.  The UK generally has been fairly dry this year with the southern parts particularly so.  Walking the area back in March the reservoir was overflowing as can be seen in this blog.  As can be seen above, the water level is now much lower (these images were taken on the evening of the 1st June 2011).  We estimated that the level might be around 3 metres lower than normal.

Exposed hut circle in the Avon reservoir May 2011

The image above shows one of the ancient hut circles which are normally submerged.  Around the promontory at the western side of the reservoir there are a number of  remains including the outer walls of pounds as well as hut circles.  The outer walls of the pound enclosing this circle is partly on dry land and partly underwater although others further up the hill are clear of the reservoir.

Avon reservoir and dam May 2011

Looking down the length of the reservoir you get a sense of the water level in the great evening light.  I will come back to this and other reservoirs on the moors if the summer remains dry as there are more remains in this and other Dartmoor reservoirs that are seen during rare dry summers.  Having said that in the time, it has taken me to write this blog we have had some significant rain (the water butts I use in the garden are now mostly full)!

Walking back towards where we had left the car, the light was going steadily but really did make the moors and the reservoir look good.  There is a real magic about walking the moors in the evenings and I hope I’ll continue doing so for some years to come.

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  1. As is so often the way this blog led to a real break in the dry weather and it has rained quite a lot since. That is one reason for the lack of posts recently however I’m back out again so there should be more soon 🙂

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