Worm’s Head and Rhossili on the Gower

Rhossili beach

This is the “other” posting from a recent break on the Gower peninsula in Wales, the first being here.  This blog covers some wandering in the Rhossili area (which is at the very western tip of the Gower).  I first walked the Gower coast with a friend some ten years ago and loved the area from the start.  This is the third return visit and I still think the view above of Rhossili Bay is one of my favourite views in the UK.  Other than in the height of the summer season it is rarely very busy and there is plenty of space there for everyone.


Rhossili beach and Worms Head from Rhossili Down

From Rhossili Down, an area of moorland running along the bay, you get a good view of one of the main features of the area – Worm’s Head.  For around two hours either side of low tide it is possible to walk out along the Worm however the walking is not easy going due to the rock formations there.  It seems likely that the origin of the name is from the Danish wurm or dragon.  As a later picture will show there are times when the dragon appears to be breathing smoke and the sinuous nature of the feature is both interesting and unusual.

Sheep on Rhossili beach

Walking the beach, which is a little over 4 kilometres long, we found we were not alone…  Given that a farmer and his sheep dog were attempting to round these up I don’t think they were on holiday.

Stunt paraglider over Rhossili Down

However a number of paragliders were enjoying the thermals rising on Rhossili Down.  Most were not performing stunts like the one above though – this picture has not been altered – the chute was actually below the pilot as he was spinning around and seemed to be having a great time.

Looking at Worms Head from Rhossili beach

Wandering back along the beach towards Rhossili there was quite a lot of spume coming on to the beach as there was a fair sea running on that day.  It made for an interesting misty image looking towards Worms Head as can be seen here.


I took far too many images in the area so the above gallery is an assortment of images that I couldn’t find a reason to leave out – it really is a beautiful area.

Evening light on Worms Head

Late on one evening while we were there I headed back to Rhossili from our guest house at Port Eynon to catch the late light over Worm’s Head.  There is the illusion of smoke on the side of the dragon here caused by waves breaking against the side of the rock.

Last light over Worms Head

The weather was not great while we were there and I will have to go back again but this view with the sun going behind the clouds as it set still looked lovely.  The B&B at Port Eynon was very good indeed, very nice rooms and a good breakfast, it may be worth a look at their website if you are heading to the area.