Wandering the beach

Vivid seaweed (sea lettuce) on the rock

These images were taken in late March however there have always been other things to blog somehow.  I was walking the beaches at Paignton and Preston and looking at those things far closer to me than I usually do.  In part this was due to reading an article in a photography magazine which suggested photographing items in a garden for a change – I decided doing this project on a beach might be interesting.  I love the intensity of colour in the seaweed above.

Above are a collection of some of the images I caught while walking the beach.  It is so easy to forget to look in our rush to get places these days and we miss out on some remarkable sights.  The colours and both simplicity and complexity of these small inhabitants and sea plants on our beaches are striking.  This is an approach I’ll return to sometime as I found it interesting and rewarding but I’ll leave this blog with another seaweed.

Seaweed - serrated wrack