Photography (and more) on the radio

JG at the flight deck

A while back I got an email from John Govier at Radio Devon in Plymouth asking me if I would like to be on his Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Devon sometime.  At the time I was in the run up to the exhibition and various events including work had prevented me from taking him up on his offer until yesterday.  The format of the show is an easy relaxed one thanks to JG’s great approach to his guests and the show and I’d be surprised if any guests didn’t find it enjoyable – I certainly did.

Emma Lauran singing

One of the guests was a very talented young singer/songwriter Emma Lauran.  Making all of us feel old at the tender age of 16 she has a great voice and was completely at ease playing live in the studio.  She is a finalist in the upcoming “live and unsigned” competition and I hope she does very well.

Joe Biddle playing

Joe Biddle has long standing associations with Plymouth and the music industry and has his own studio in Plymouth.  Despite his assertion that no true musician is awake before midday he played three great songs which we all enjoyed.

Joe Biddle and Emma Lauran dueting

While the studio was not on air Joe and Emma started playing together having never even met one another before and JG has a preference for anything in the studio going out live so they played live – covering James Morrison’s ‘You Give Me Something’ – together immediately.  The fact that they performed so well unrehearsed says much about both of their talents.

Joe Biddle and the Viking Hiking guys

Last but by no means least came the guys from Viking Hiking.  Joe slipped into the above image as he was playing and the studio with all of us in was not that big however closest to the camera is Russ with George next and Graham furthest away.  A great collection of characters who have decided to put themselves through stress and probably some pain (to say nothing of some 5000 miles of driving) to raise money for two good causes.  They are going to climb the highest peaks of Norway, Sweden and Finland in the course of three weeks.  While all the peaks have been climbed before they have not be done as a single challenge before.  They are looking to raise £5000 (a modest amount given the effort they are putting in) to be shared between “Help for Heroes” which is a good cause and for Jeremiah’s Journey.  Jeremiah’s Journey is a wonderful Plymouth based charity who offer support to children and families when someone special has died.  I first came across them during a Channel 4 “Secret Millionaire” programme and was very touched indeed by the wonderful work they do.  If anyone can help Viking Hiking they are going to stretch themselves for a very worthwhile caused – I’m giving them a couple of my images to raffle on the “booze cruise” they are doing in June.

We chatted about many different things during the show including a little about my photography and I played around taking a few images some of which are shown above.  The quality is maybe not as good as some on the blog but they were taken without flash in the low light of the studio on my new camera which I’ve found produces acceptable images at very high ISO – more on that soon.