Bluebells and evening light around Hound Tor

Mass of bluebells on Dartmoor Heading elsewhere on the moors for an evening walk we spotted the bluebells in flower close to Hound Tor on the eastern edge of Dartmoor from quite a long way off.  It seemed silly not to take a closer look.  When we first arrived the evening was rather dull and while I got some shots the impact of the flowers was not that good.  However we walked over to Hound Tor and some sunlight started coming through.  With a little light the show of flowers was lovely.

Greator Rocks in evening sunlight

Looking back the way we had just walked Greator Rocks was lit by the late sunlight.  The bluebells here are a little thinner on the ground so the impact is a little less.

Bluebells and Haytor

This shot looks over towards Haytor.  While they are bluebells, in this shadowy light, they really did look purple (& the colour has not been adjusted in any of these shots).

In amongst the bluebells

Last year I caught the bluebells on Holwell Tor lawn on the Haytor side of the valley (blogged here) and they are not quite at their best yet but I think they probably should be soon.  Both this year and last year I was not the only photographer in the area – they really do make a stunning sight for anyone who is in the area.

Last light on the moors

The walk had been quite a short one so we headed over to Bonehill Rocks to catch the last light of the day.  Over the years I’ve seen some great effects around sunset on the moors and this is one of them.  I did return for an early morning shoot of the bluebells a couple of days later.  I got some good shots but decided to leave this blog to be about the one outing, some of the early shots can be seen on facebook here though.

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