Fingers of God over Dartmoor

Fingers of God over Dartmoor

I’ve known of crepuscular rays for sometime now however watching a television programme the other evening the phrase “Fingers of God” was used and it seemed appropriate for me and this posting.  The programme was on Cloudspotting and was about the Cloud Appreciation Society as well as clouds generally – their website has some stunning images of clouds on.  I’ve taken a few over a while now but I do like this one.

Dartmoor in evening light

I’ve sat on Dartmoor a few times at this location watching the sunset and the light over the moors and I have frequently been lucky with shots around the area at this time.  I love the “misty light” effect that the hills have at this time of day.  Walking the moors in the evening can be very rewarding.

Sunset over Dartmoor

The sunset itself was special too.  There should have been a couple of blogs on a recent trip to the Gower in Wales but they will come soon – the light and colour in all the above made me feel they should be here first.  I said when I started this blog 18 months or so ago that “everyone has to have a first blog sometime” – this is number 100.  Thanks for reading.