Circular walk from Burrator reservoir – part 2

Possible mine adit on Newleycombe Lake

This is the continuation of the walk that started with the post here.  From the area around Crazywell Pool we headed up the valley of the Newleycombe Lake (a stream not a lake).  It is quite hard to walk most parts of Dartmoor without seeing the remains of tin workings.  In the valley, just before we turned south, we walked through an area that had quite extensive remains.  The area above interested me.  Initially it looked like a small pond in the process of becoming a bog.  However, looking at the sloping walls to the sides and the fact that water was running out from the back of the area, I think it is probably the remains of a mining adit driven into the side of the hill which is gradually silting up.

Down Tor circle and stone row

Having walked south a little way we turned south west to start walking back to Burrator reservoir walking along the Down Tor stone row.  There are a number of Bronze Age remains all quite close together here and there is no obvious way to determine the order of building.  At the eastern end of the row is a cairn and an enclosure while at the western end there is a circle and a number of cairns.  The actual row stretches away eastwards from this shot.

Ancient stone circle near Down Tor

By the standards of many of the remains like this on Dartmoor, the Down Tor ones are quite well preserved.  The above photo shows the circle at the western end of the row and inside the circle is the remains of a kistvaen.  While not intact the stones around the burial area are quite clear to see.

Part of Down Tor row and Combshead Tor

The above image, showing the end stone in the row and part of the circle around the kistvaen looks south towards Combshead Tor.  The longer shadows show it was getting late in the day by now.

Evening light on Dartmoor

We walked back to Burrator via Cuckoo Rock which is quite a large outcrop of granite which could probably be termed a tor.  However, while it stands out well from some angles, it was not very prominent from here.  However the late light on the tree (a rowan I imagine) just behind Cuckoo Rock was lovely.

Evening light on Burrator reservoir

When we arrived back at Burrator reservoir the sunlight had effectively gone but the water looked very tranquil with delicate shades.  I’ll return to this spot again.