Dartmoor weather at the four points of the compass

This will just be a quick blog of this walk for now as I have a couple of previous walks to work on blogging. However the sheer contrast of the weather in this post intrigued me. I may well blog more of the walk in due course as it was quite a long walk by my recent standards. I set off with a friend from Vennford reservoir on Holne moor heading west. We walked over the ridge past the source of the River Avon and then on to the centre of the south moor. Heading back we walked up and over Ryder’s Hill which is the highest point on the southern moor. It had been very misty near the coast but we had started walking in good sunshine and it lasted for the whole walk until we headed up Ryder’s Hill where it looked much darker ahead and appeared to threaten rain.


When we arrived at the summit the contrasts were striking and remarkable as we seemed to have arrived on the edge of two quite different weather systems. To the west (the direction we had arrived from) the weather was quite “normal” for the area and time of year – clouds and sun. To the north and south there was a clear line of weather. To the east there really was really nothing to see!  It was interesting to be at such a clear division in the weather.