Waves on Blackpool Sands

We went down to Blackpool Sands on a mostly sunny day and I got quite a few shots there and, a little later, at Slapton.  The above is looking out over Start Bay – the combination of the light on the water and the cloud was great.

This photograph from Blackpool Sands looks south towards Slapton sands, Start Point and the lighthouse there.

When I got back and started running through the photographs I had taken while I was out walking along Blackpool Sands I realised there was something of a theme to them – rather a lot of waves.

I realised that, while posting a collection of “wave” photos might seem a bit odd, there was a real variety of light, colour, tone and waves in the collection and so decided to go for a single topic posting.

This is at the northern end of Blackpool Sands and the sea was breaking over the rocks there in the sunlight which made for some nice shots.  The beach faces roughly south east and has no protection from seas coming in that direction.  However the promontory of Start Point gives a lot of protection from westerly seas and winds.

There really were some good “rollers” coming in – some of which were quite large.  This one is taken looking south towards Slapton sands again.

I really liked the colour “inside” the roller on this one.  That sea green in the sunlight is really striking.  I do love walking beaches.  You never quite know what you will see and, because of the sea and the light, you get ever changing pictures from it.  The cafe at Blackpool Sands is nice too so I’m sure I’ll be back there soon for some more photos and a coffee!