Spring tides and surf in Torbay

The period of spring tides made me head into the Bay looking for the very low tide.  I’ve found in the past that you can access/photograph rock pools that cannot be seen for much of the month and that was the plan.  There was only one day of the peak tides when the weather was forecast to be ok too.

As is so often the case I didn’t end up taking photographs of what I’d planned!  I walked quite a section of Torbay in the Paignton area before the tide was fully out.  I was not the only one who was “waiting” for something – even the seagull on the rock was.

I got back to Preston beach just before the tide turned and found that a paddle surfer was making the most of what was available in the way of surf.

His viewpoint – quite a bit higher than those using boards conventionally – allowed him a better view of where the best surf around the beach actually was.  He seemed to get some worthwhile runs in.

One of those irresistible shots; this youngster was just staring out at the sea so intently.  Was it a case of “when I grow up…”?  His transport across the sand appealed too!

While the waves were not big some of the other surfers were also getting some good runs in too.

Some had to work quite hard to catch the waves but for a while there was quite a bit of activity.

Just after the low tide the sea became far flatter and, for some at least, it was time to head back.  For me too – I had had a good walk along the beaches and even if I didn’t get any rock pool shots it had been well worthwhile.  Large seas are quite unusual in Torbay as the arms of the Bay shelter it from all but easterly winds but when they do get in it can offer some good water sport.