On Dartmoor in frost and fog

Frost and fog on the edge of Dartmoor

I set off towards the moors looking for a day similar to the one in the last two posts – clear and cold.  On the southern edge of the moors it looked as though the weather was not at all good and I almost turned back.

Tree in fog near Grimspound

When I got to the point where I had planned to walk from, close to Grimspound, it was obvious that there was some sun above the fog but visibility was not good.  I had planned to walk in the opposite direction to Grimspound and it is an area I know well enough to walk in even in these conditions however I decided to go a little further.

Bennett’s Cross in fog

I parked near Bennett’s Cross (by the Warren House Inn) and from here the visibility was no better.  The cross is ancient but, as with so many of the remains on Dartmoor, no accurate dating is available.  It was mentioned in documents from around 1700 but almost certainly is older than that.  I set off into the fog.

On the edge of the fog

As I climbed the hill I found myself on the edge of the fog and it was obvious that it was a lovely day and that maybe the fog was relatively low lying.

Birch tor in frost

When I reached the top of the ridge I came out in sunshine and was looking over fog which was slightly below me and to the south only with the north moor relatively clear.

Fog around Soussons Down

After walking around some antiquities in the area and some old mine workings I headed down towards Soussons Down woods and back towards the fog.  I’ll blog the working and antiquities in a day or so.

Fog in Soussons forestry

The effect of the fog, frost and light in the forestry was simply lovely.  Wandering through the woods was a joy and I took quite a few pictures.  The area is Forestry Commission land and the trees are not natural or native to the area which is a pity.  Equally the plantations do cover up some antiquities too which is simply wrong.

Less than helpful sign!

As is often the case it is those small quirky things that make me smile and I just could not resist this sign.  Bear in mind this is an upland area largely devoid of signs of any sort and it was a very foggy day.  Fortunately I knew where I was and headed back to the car after having had a great walk that did not look promising at the start.

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