Changeable weather around Dawlish Warren

It was time to get back to the coast again after some nice walks on Dartmoor.  There was only one day in the week when the forecast was for good weather so we headed over to Dawlish Warren.  My last blog was from the summer of 2010 and is here.  When we arrived it was a clear and pleasant winter’s day.

The sand along the warren and dunes is under constant threat of erosion by the sea and so there are groynes placed along the beach to try and prevent the sand being washed away.

I’ve not blogged many wide angle images for a while now although I continue to use and enjoy the ultra wide angle lens I have.  This shows a tangle of rope around the base of an older groyne with a more modern one in the distance and has the characteristic “distortion” that can be created with such a lens.  Some people would consider it is the “wrong” way to use such a lens and others that is an interesting effect – I am one of the latter!

I do love the sense of wide open space that you find along such coasts and this shot was intended to capture that.  In the foreground of the photo are the remains of a couple of wooden posts which I imagine were the remnants of even older groynes.

After walking to the point and looking over to Exmouth on the other side of the Exe estuary we turned to head back.  There were quite a few wading birds around as well as geese and some bird watchers watching them.  Looking to the south it was obvious that the weather was changing.  A minute or so after I took this one I put the camera away and only just in time – the rain came down and it rained quite steadily all the way back along the beach.

After a coffee at the bar on the edge of the beach we emerged to find that the rain had passed.  The light in the clouds added something to this scene and the arch in the cliff can be seen in the photo.  While not taken at exactly the same spot this photo can be compared with the one at the top of the blog.  Just the other side of the cliff is the beach at Dawlish.  However, despite the changeable weather, we had had a good walk and headed back to dry off the walking gear.