Totnes snow (December 2010)

Rather a hasty one but given most of the hits on the blog in the last few days have been “snow” orientated and quite a few have been “Totnes” too here are some shots from the past few days.  The top one is a few days ago on Vire Island.

The above is from yesterday (17th) and it was actually snowing although not much had fallen really.  It looks towards Vire Island with the river Dart in the foreground.  Auto focus is not that great in snow!

This is from about an hour ago (18th) looking up Bridgetown hill – not that much snow but not much traffic either.

Also about an hour ago looking up the High Street from the bridge.

On Vire Island – not intended as a “usual” blog but given the conditions and the interest I thought it worth getting a quick one done.  I should be out later and will be away for a short period so normal postings will resume I hope in a day or so.