River Dart – more ice (December 2010)

Again I was thinking that the really cold weather was over but today (Christmas Eve) I went over the Dart in Totnes early this morning  and saw some ice again so I headed out a little later to walk the river bank with the camera.

Despite only being around -2 deg C overnight I guess that the high tide must have coincided with a temperature drop as the tide was turning and the river was still.  This stretch of the Dart is tidal.  The white area is not snow but a very thin covering of ice.

A little of the detail of the ice can be seen here.

The above shows a small beach on the river Dart at the point where it ceases to be tidal – again covered with a sheet of ice.

The above is a closer shot of the beach area.  I have not seen this sort of thing in the west country before.  Although the ice was very thin the ground along the banks beneath it it was quite hard so I guess this will have contributed to the creation of the ice – temperatures have rarely been above freezing around here for some time now even in the day.

Even above the tidal section there was ice on the edges of the river.  By now it was around midday but this section had quite a bit of ice as can been seen by the stick on top of it!

I wish all readers a peaceful and happy Christmas.