Ice on the Dart and frost on the beach

It was another bitterly cold night in Totnes with the temperature down to -6.3 deg C according to my thermometer (8/9 December 2010).  Not quite the lowest in the past couple of weeks but close and a hard frost everywhere. However there was a little sun and promise of more so it seemed like a day to get out with the camera.  The ice on the river Dart was unusual but I saw the same last year and there was some earlier in the week.

It did make for some nice scenes though – the above is just below the old bridge in Totnes on Vire Island.  You can see where the water from the high tide has frozen.  There has been very little snow about still although I did get a shot or two of snow in Totnes last week and may post that soon but it really was nothing very exciting compared to the rest of the UK currently.

It was then a decision of where to head for.  The moors appealed but the night before I’d seen some good waves coming into the Bay and I wondered if I’d be able to catch some images.  In practice the sea was pretty flat but the light was good.  The white on the walkway to the sea here at South Milton sands is frost although the temperature was just around freezing when I got there.  Anywhere actually in the sun was thawing generally.

Not quite everywhere though – this coot is walking along on the ice on South Milton Ley in the sun.

The ley itself was fairly well frozen and sea birds were walking along the ice in places (the ley comes right to the beach).  I walked out along the edge of the golf course until I looked over to Burgh island and Bantham and then walked back again.

As I headed back the clouds started to gather and the light became more broken.  However the effects were still nice.  I do like these almost monochrome shots – this is taken just above South Milton sands with the Thurlstone itself in the mid ground and Hope Cove and Bolt Tail in the distance.

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