Hoar frost in south Devon

I thought that the really cold weather was maybe over around Totnes by now (22 December 2010) but checking the thermometer this morning it had hit -6 deg C overnight.  The minor road I live on has had little traffic so had some aspects of a skating rink but I’d arranged to meet someone and needed to get out so I wandered out to check the road.  The first clues of the level of the frost can be seen above – spiders webs on a beam.

Equally much of the garden had very significant hoar frost.  The fact that there was a little colour left in the dead rose petals merely added to the effect.

I drove to Paignton for the meeting and, given it is on the coast, it was perhaps not surprising that there was hardly any frost or snow.  Heading back one route had too much traffic so I took an alternative – chance plays such a role in photo opportunities.  This is almost a “good news, bad news” story.  I drove past another photographer who had a great view point – more of that in a minute – but headed to another spot I know.  As I’ve said before I love mono tonal images and this sums up the feeling quite well – clean, simple and cold!

This is the other half of the above part.  This is the spot the photographer was at in the late morning.  He had a little sunlight on his scene – but the time I got back in the early afternoon that light had disappeared!  I’ve said to quite a few people that I like to capture what I see quickly – the moral to the story is to stop and get the shot not hope it will be there later.  Even though I do like this one it would have been better with a touch of light.