Frosty morning along the river Dart

Looking out there was quite a noticeable hoarfrost however the sun was coming out so I decided to take a walk to see what was around.  I was not the only one looking around as can be seen above.  The (grey) squirrel seemed to want to play “hide and seek” with me and when I got close enough for a reasonable shot he would go to the other side of the tree or start climbing it.  He moved fast and not many shots were in focus.

The hoar frost shows nicely on these blackberries.

And also looking across this field here.  I have shots of this field in a number of conditions and last Autumn and this Spring it was often flooded but it looked great in the early morning light and with the winter colour in the branches of the trees at the sides.

As people who read this blog will know I do like the possibilities of reflections in images so the one above on the river Dart above Totnes was bound to catch my eye.  The stillness of the water and colours overall were great.

Sometimes it is the quirky things that catch my eye.  Given that it had been a very cold night and not that warm in the daytimes recently you may not be surprised to know that the circle of chairs seen here had the remains of a fire in the centre – I don’t think it was for the “teddy bears picnic” somehow!