Dartmoor snow report (December 1 2010)

Around 50% of the hits on this blog for the past week have had some variation of  “dartmoor snow” in the search.  In practice Devon has had very little of the snow that has been affecting the UK over that week.  However some did fall in the past couple of days so, given a forecast for some sun, I headed out to get some images.  Before I left I checked a weather station in the centre of the moors and was a little surprised to see that the temperature suggested was -9.7 deg C including windchill…  At no stage of my time on the moors did the car’s external temperature sensor drop below -2 C (excluding windchill) and while I was out walking the wind was strong so I guess the weather station was probably correct – it was VERY cold.

Sadly the forecast sun failed to arrive too.  Around Hound tor (above) it was fairly bleak and grey.

Most of the more major roads were clear of snow but there was some ice around on the roads and there was a lot not far from the roads.

As I started to head back there was a little more light but the temperature stayed low.  Although it was very cold there is a real beauty to the moors in these conditions.

I looked back and saw this and stopped the car to get it.  I’ve taken this scene in a number of light/weather conditions and it does appeal.  The rays of sun were short lived though.  I don’t recall being as cold on the moors in years (& I was wearing full winter gear).  At times it was hard to hold the camera at all steady in the wind too and I’ve not rejected as many images from a session in quite some time.


  1. Great images, really show how cold it is around. Sorry about the sun, but the clouds are more interesting sometimes.

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