Light on water

Having caught up with the backlog of the holiday snaps I started working on the relatively small number I’ve taken since I’ve been back and wondering about my next post.  These are not all taken on the same day but I realised that on a number of days I’d taken photos that were effectively on a theme – light on water.  The above looks from Paignton towards Berry Head.

I guess it is partly the time of year with a lower angle of the sun and less good weather however I do love the coast and the play of light on the water.  The one above is taken from Preston and shows a windsurfer spotlighted on a stormy autumn day.

Shooting into the light has its problems.  All too often a shot will be out of sensor range.  A camera sensor can only get the exposure (roughly) right over a fixed range of light.  Outside this range there will either be black with no actual content or white similarly.  This may or may not be considered “wrong” by some people however I do like to catch what I see and so I have no real issue with this if most of the image has valid content and portrays what I want it to.  The above – shot from Goodrington looking towards Berry Head – is a good example.  It is not a “perfect” image with some parts of the image over or under exposed.  The limitations of the camera also mean that the quality is not as perfect as I would wish but it conveys the scene I saw in the way that seems correct to me (& I like it!).

These shots were taken over a number of days and while mostly they are taken in Torbay the one above was taken on Slapton sands looking towards the lighthouse at Start Point.  The light on the water really had a sparkle to it.

I find I do tend to look for “good weather” images but the one above is a reminder to me of how wrong that approach can be.  Taken from Preston Sands with Berry Head just visible the rain that is coming in can be seen (& it rained shortly after I took the picture).  The contrast between the better weather and the rain is quite striking.

And finally – I’d watched this person flying their kite for a while.  I was looking for a good shot of them and got one or two with the kite in the air and in sunlight.  However this one seemed to catch the mood of the weather (which kept changing) at the time.  This was taken from Preston Sands.

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