Frosty autumn morning on the river Dart

It was quite early and with one of the first frosts of autumn on the ground.  I decided to get out and walk down the river Dart a little way from Totnes.  The early wintery light on the river and the frost made for some good photography.  The frost is on the jetty here just at the edge of Totnes.

At times the light was quite exceptional and even looks quite warm on the photo, however it was still below freezing at the time.

The sense of peace and tranquillity at the bottom of the path was lovely.  There was hardly another person around and the river was glassy and still.  There was a duck or two on the water but little else was stirring.

By the time I got back to Totnes the mist had burnt off and there was rather more sun (though not a lot more heat).  The river was still calm allowing some reflections of the autumnal trees on Vire Island.

I love the fact that a story may be told in a picture however, in this case, the story is not obvious maybe.  The trainers had certainly been there all night and had frost on them…


  1. well, stunning photos, Nigel! I was down on Vire Island this a.m. before 9am. with Tess and it was quite magical with the mist arising from the river. There was a man with a camera and I did a double-take in case it was you. Can’t wait to see your exhibition

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