Back on the moors at last

Having not had a proper walk for almost two months now I decided to test out the ankle on a very sunny autumn afternoon to see how it went.  I walked up to Top tor first and, not having used the wide angle lens on the moors, tried some shots with that on.  This one looks from Top tor to Rippon and I felt the granite in the foreground was highly appropriate as the moors are mostly composed of granite.

Having walked over to Pil tor I walked back and headed to Saddle tor.  I took this one from there looking towards the iconic shape of Hey tor in the distance with part of Saddle to the right foreground.  Again this is taken with the wide angle lens (& manages to include an element of self portrait is the shadow!).

Almost by just turning 180 degrees I took this one looking roughly west towards the Widecombe area.  In the centre of the image is Top tor with Pil tor to the left of it.  In the foreground is part of Saddle tor.  Given that it is taken almost looking into the sun it is not a perfect image however the shadows were very strong and the trees in the valley were interesting.

Wandering back again I passed the foot of Rippon.  By now the light was getting lower and a little warmer and the colours of the dead grasses were lovely – the path up Rippon added interest.

Finally, heading back, the light and colour towards Top and Pil tors was irresistible.  Both can be seen in this and the trees in the foreground added some structure to the picture.  One advantage of shooting on Dartmoor in low light is that it makes visible aspects that cannot normally be easily seen.  In this picture elements of the ancient field structure between Top & Pil and just below the ridge can be seen quite easily.  The ankle behaved ok so hopefully I’ll be getting out again soon.