A stroll around two tors

Once again testing my ankle I decided to try something a little more challenging that would take me across some rougher moorland.  I set out from Dunnabridge and headed to Laughter tor.  The tor itself is not a large one (it can be seen in the distance) however there is a nice menhir close to it.  It is a little under three metres high and originally marked the end of an ancient stone row.

From Laughter Bellever tor can be seen.   It has quite a lot of forestry around it as can be seen.  This forestry is not natural but was planted by the Forestry Commission many years ago.  I left Laughter tor heading east into the forestry.  While such woodland is not very appealing to me there is quite a lot of bird life and, wandering along quietly on my own, I saw quite a lot of birds including both green woodpecker and great spotted woodpecker.

Coming back out of the forested area again I headed up the path to Bellever tor.  Looking back gave a good view looking north east over the moors.  Further forestry can be seen in the distance above Fernworthy reservoir.

At the top of Bellever a couple of powered paragliders came into sight.

They flew off towards some dramatic clouds with some light catching them.  I was lucky with the shot although maybe a second or two later might have been even better.

As I got closer to the road again I looked back on Bellever tor.  It is a lovely setting and the light and autumn colours enhanced it.