A morning of contrasts

I looked out quite early and realised it was not a day for being in the valley of the river Dart.  In spring and autumn mist will often remain in the valley for quite some time.  However there was the promise of some sun to come.

I’ve taken shots from here quite a few times but the combination of light, mist and colour in the fields and trees was great.

Again the combination of quite bright sun on the autumn colours and the mist filling the valley of the Dart was very striking.  The copse standing out on the top was a bonus.

I’ve also taken shots here quite often but never caught the light quite like this.  There is a herd of cows just visible in the mist with the Dart valley in the middle distance still filled with mist.

Heading into the Bay there was no sign of mist at all and the sea was very calm.  The light and autumnal feel was still good though.  I walked from here (Broadsands) around to Elberry cove and then back.

I realised when I arrived at Broadsands that there might be a picture here but, at the time, didn’t look at it from this angle.  Heading back to the car I almost didn’t bother to look again.  I took quite a few shots but this was one of the best.  The reflections are lovely and the beach huts add that touch of colour.

At the time of writing this there still isn’t any snow around South Devon or Dartmoor although it looks like there might be some.  As soon as there is snow and a bit of light I will be out with the camera and then post some here – almost every hit on the blog for the last couple of days has been for “snow”!

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