A different take on dawn

Looking for some “good dawn” images I headed into the Bay for 6:30 am with dawn being at 7:15 am.  By the time I looked into the Bay I could see that I was not going to get a “clear” sunrise of any sort; the lights in the distance are Brixham.  So the question was whether I went back home or stuck around to see what would happen.  I stuck around!

As with my last posting looking for just good weather images is a habit I must get out of I think.  The effect of the light behind the clouds was worthwhile.

The blue of the sea, sky and clouds was very vivid really I have actually reduced the colour slighly on some of these images as it was “unbelievably” vivid.

While there was no sun in the Bay it was clear that the sun was coming through in places and the effect of “first light” on the clouds was very good.

I headed back inland but just before I left I took this one as the glassy look of the sea caught my eye.