Returning via Limousin

After around 3000 miles of fairly trouble free motoring the car had a warning light on and was not running at all well and we were wondering if we would make it back up to the ferry without help.  We also had some of the worst weather we had in France and the temperatures fell.  The rain, the light and my ankle made getting much in the way of good images quite difficult here.  However there was a real bright spot because we stayed for a couple of nights at a lovely B&B close to Bellac.  Casually informal with good hearty regional cuisine Myriam was a great host and was knowledgeable about the area and happy to chat about far wider topics too.  There was a lot more to see in that area of Haute-Vienne and I hope we return there.

The very old market building in Mortemart was a lovely structure built mostly of wood.  The village and a number of others nearby are scenic with many old (Roman era) buildings/churches.  There are also a number of dolmens and other ancient stones around the area.

The town of Bellac itself was very nice.  Again there is much of historical significance close to the town.  The bridge over the Vincou probably dates from the 13th century.
This tannery building on the Vincou dates from 15th century and the industry has been there since at least the 13th century.

The colours along the Vincou were appealing and autumnal changes were starting to appear.  A return there rather later in a year should produce some good images.  From here Roscoff and the ferry were the next destination.  We made it without breaking down and will look forward to our next trip to France.  It is a country of great differences especially from a landscape perspective however we have always found the people very welcoming.