En vacance and en route, Brittany and Charente-Maritime

The reason there have been no posts here for a while can be guessed at by looking at the title of this post.  I’ve been touring in France for a while and I am now back and starting to sort through the photos I took.  Given that we covered just under 3500 miles and I took around 1500 images catching up will take a while.  However I wanted to get a 1st post on the holiday up as soon as I could.

This one covers the trip south along the western edge of France towards our first main destination in the Pyrenees.  One of the hardest things I find is selecting which photos to actually “show” others be it here or elsewhere and so these can only be representative of some of the places we visited sadly.

I’ve spent time in Brittany over many years now and I love the area.  In particular the coastal areas are very beautiful.  We had a couple of nights in southern Brittany close to Redon staying at a very good b&b which Mick and Debbie have put a lot of work into.  It allowed us a day to look at some interesting areas close by including the Grande Brière, the salt marshes near Guérande and the Cote Sauvage around Le Croisic.  En route there we passed the Château seen at the start of this post at Missilac – it was simply beautiful in the morning sunlight.

The Cote Sauvage just past Le Croisic is above.  The coastline from here south east towards Le Pouligen is good to walk with interesting rocky scenery and a great contrast to the “resort” atmosphere of La Baule and that area.

When I first saw the salt marshes near Guérande many years ago I was fascinated by something that is not seen in the UK (as far as I know) with the harvesting of salt from the sea.  The area is also very good indeed for bird life however I did find it far more commercialised than when I was there last.

We then spent a couple of nights in Charente-Maritime.  Again I passed through the area many years ago but had not had the time to look at it properly – I still haven’t but it is somewhere I would return to (though maybe not in July/August I guess).  This was taken heading out in the morning – the mist burnt off quite soon but made for some good images.  This was on the river Charante.

The destination for the day was the Île d’Oléron.  It would be very easy to spend several days on this island alone.  There is a lot of net fishing in the area as well as combing the beaches for shell fish.

Next stop was the central Pyrenees so more soon I hope.


  1. Enjoyed your new posts from the mist trees reflection to the gougers castle, interesting salt marshes and wonderful sky above the sea you’ve done a great job!

  2. Nice to see the first images of your tour in France! I especially like your photograph of Guérande, with its grid joining salty water, land, and sky. On the technical side, this image demonstrates that it can be useful to bend one’s knees, or to slightly lean the camera towards the ground, when using a wide-angle lens. That changes the look, and makes a part of the difference between a tourist’s snapshot and a nicely composed image…

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