The sea and the sky

A short evening wander around the centre of Torbay and I found from a photographic perspective that looking down at the sea and up at the sky was the most rewarding.

At Goodrington the last light of the sun on the waves looked good.  The area has some colourful buoys marking safe channels which added to the colour.  I was a little surprised at the amount of swell as the Bay is sheltered from all but easterly winds and the wind was rather more northerly at the time.  However the water is so often very calm that this made a change.

The above is a result of one of the buoys coming loose.  The dog was having great fun playing with the rather large ball in the waves.

At the other end of the walk at Preston the sky looking back to the south was lovely.  The light and colour was really beautiful.  There were a few people surfing here but the light levels were really too low for any meaningful shots by this time.

Looking inland towards the sunset gave me another striking picture.  I guess it would have been better had the town not obscured some of it – Dartmoor would have given me a better view of it.  However it did look good.

In practice the area looks fairly quiet, however Paignton seafront was extremely busy with the weekly motorbike meeting.  The whole of the seafront had motorbikes all along it of varying types and ages and there were a lot of people there.  I’m no “biker” but the BMAD organisation has raised a lot for charity since it started in 2002 and they provide a good attraction.