Summer afternoon on the beach!

The weather had not been that good for a few days so despite it looking a little grey and rather thundery I decided I had to get out.

It looked a little brighter when I got to Goodrington beach.  It was quite warm and rather windy – the beach had few folk on.

Given some blue skies, daytime and August the one above is unusual.  It was taken wide angle and I’ve not cloned anyone out!

While the weather was not really good for the beach there were plenty of folk making the most of the water.  It is regatta week and there were races going on out in the Bay and a number of people heading back into Paignton harbour.  The little blue sky that there had been had gone by then and I decided to head to the pier before turning back and heading home.

Although there was some evidence of lightness in the sky and there were a few folk around on Paignton beach (though not many as can be seen) there was also some rain in the air and I headed home.